CNW Modified 1937 AAR boxcars

Brian Carlson

I'm prepping for future projects I have CNW boxcar 84250 from IM and am
looking to see what needs to change. Looking at the photos in the October
1996 RMJ on the bottom of page 11, I can't tell from the grainy photo if the
trucks are ACF A-3's Ride Control, they look to be, but I am not certain.
Does anyone have a better photo of CNW series 82652-84250 (even No's only)
to tell for certain. The article also states 300 cars got Apex Tri-lok roof
walks and 500 got Gypsum, but it does say how these were distributed. First
300 got Apex, last 500 Gypsum? Thanks.

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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