Re: PRR X-29's, NYC Lot 486 and then?

Richard Hendrickson

On May 30, 2010, at 9:05 AM, rwitt_2000 wrote:

Charlie Vlk wrote:
I can't argue with you on the absurdity of tooling cars in plastic
that can only be used for one railroad and a limited number of paint
Richard and Charlie,

I will add, if it is absurd, then it seems remarkable that we have in
styrene, models of the Milwaukee "ribbed-side" boxcars in multiple
variations from three new vendors in HO scale, plus the old
MDC/Roundhouse, and from Fox Valley Models in N scale.
Bob, those models are exceptions to the general principle for a
number of reasons:

1. There were a great number of them; the MILW had one of the
largest freight car fleets on the continent, and for more than a
decade thousands of box cars added to that fleet were all home-built
rib-side cars.

2. The rib-side cars were very distinctive in appearance at a time
when most RRs' box cars were of look-alike AAR standard design.

3. The MILW's XM box cars traveled everywhere on the North American
rail system in interchange and were often seen very far from MILW rails.

There are a few other such steam-era prototypes which, though
"signature" cars for a single railroad, would meet the same criteria
and thus would probably sell in large enough numbers to justify
tooling models, the most obvious example being the B&O wagon top box
cars, which are said to be coming (finally) in RTR styrene. Bear in
mind that many of the sales of such models are to people who are
attracted to them not because they are historically significant or
prototypically accurate but just because they're noticeably different.

By the way, I wouldn't count the old MDC kits as scale models, since
only the sides resembled the MILW cars; the rest of the models (roof,
underframe, ends, doors) were based on the standard AAR design and
thus entirely inaccurate.

Richard Hendrickson

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