Re: IC 40' box car decal

Tim O'Connor

John, for modelers of the late 40's to very early 50's the Sunshine
reweigh stencil sets cover those dates nicely -- HOWEVER it appears
even Sunshine did not include the IC in any of the sets I have, E.51
through E.59! Sheesh what have people got against the IC? :-)

Now if it were only possible to find reweigh dates for 1955 to 1965!

Tim O'Connor

At 5/30/2010 09:35 AM Sunday, you wrote:
Hi Jerry,

Thanks for doing this--you're going to be the new Champ. The set looks really great. Would it be possible/practical to add a small variety of different shop dates as well? I model 1950 and really hate having to piece together earlier shop dates.

Thanks for considering!


John Golden
Bloomington, IN

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