Re: PRR X-29's, NYC Lot 486 and then?

Tim O'Connor

Charlie Vlk wrote

I can't argue with you on the absurdity of tooling cars in plastic that can
only be used for one railroad and a limited number of paint jobs.....

Why is it absurd? Consider Trailer Train flat cars for example -- not many
owners, but they ran everywhere! Or distinctive prototypes that were found
on almost all railroads -- X29, M26, MILW rib sides, B&O wagontops, XM-1's,
NYC 1920's steel box cars, and so on. Not to mention PFE and SFRD and FGE
reefers. And I still strongly wish for a plastic UTLX X-3...

But when you get right down to it, that is where we are at in the Hobby and
Marketplace right now. All the low-hanging fruit has been picked.

I beg to differ with that -- how about the ALTERNATE STANDARD AAR HOPPERS?
How about Bethlehem 52'6" mill gondolas? And GSC 125 ton depressed center
flat cars? (Lots of owners over a very long lifetime.) And over on another
list we've discussed the General American Dry-Flo covered hoppers, built
1958 to 1962, with 56 original owners and lessors -- that's a LOT of paint

I think we should keep shaking the tree -- I suspect there is more fruit
to be found.

Tim O'Connor

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