Re: 40 ft gons Was PRR X-29's, NYC Lot 486 and then?

Peter Ness

Sadly, there are no correct New Haven 40 ft gons. Roundhouse is "close" but 6 inches too tall and can't represent the drop door version only the later rebuilds. Cutting down the sides is problem,aticve without decals available, and the Roundhouse dreadnaught ends leave a lot to be desired. Also, two different top sills (chords?). Nothing close to the earlier hopper gons (Standard Steel and Keith Car Works builders) or coke cars (Standard Steel), either.

Peter Ness

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Earlier General Service gondolas (same as old Ulrich metal kits)
would be very nice to have. Not to mention the D&RGW/C&S-CB&Q/UCR
GS gons, or some non-Enterprise GS gons, or SOO/NP/GN GS gons.

A new reverse-dreadnaught end for the Red Caboose GS gondola would
be of great interest to this SP modeler! (Most of the sugar beet gons
had these ends.)

How about the War Emergency 41 ft gondolas (only available as resin
kits from F&C)?

Tim O'Connor

>Seems to me the 40 ft gon range is pretty well covered. Unless there is a
>specific prototype you had in mind.
>Brian J. Carlson, P.E.

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