Re: CNW Modified 1937 AAR boxcars

Ed Hawkins

On May 30, 2010, at 12:12 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

These are the only notes I have (besides what is in the spreadsheet
from If you find out about the A/G running boards
let us know!

CNW 71000-74398 -- Mineral Red Sides, Ends & Roof; Black U/F & Trucks,
"Route of the 400" on both sides
According to the CNW diagrams covering 71000-71998 (even), it's
entirely possible that the 500 cars built by Pullman-Standard came with
only Apex r/b & b/s, but the way the data is presented it's also
possible that a portion of the series had U.S.G. specialties.

Several CNW diagrams covering smaller groups numbered 71000-71066
equipped with special devices all specify Apex. Two additional diagrams
lumping the entire range of CNW box cars numbered 71068-74398 and
76900--77394 (even) specify either Apex or U.S.G., but they don't
specify how many of each or their respective car number assignments.

Data for some of the specific series of cars in the above number ranges
have known quantities and car number assignments of Apex or U.S.G.
specialties, but from the way the diagrams have lumped several groups
together, it's not possible to determine the answer for 71000-71998
with 100% certainty.

Pullman builder's photos of 71028 and 71342 both have Apex. An
in-service photo of 71428 shows an Apex. That's all the photos I have
from the 71000-71998 series. I'm of the belief that at least the first
half of the order had Apex. We need to find some photos of higher
numbers in the series. Jeff Koeller may have the answer, or a general
arrangement drawing might specify the running boards & brake steps.
Ed Hawkins

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