Re: PRR X-29's, NYC Lot 486 and then?



Thank you for your reply. All your points are valid and you reached the
same conclusion that I really wanted to make is that a RTR model of the
B&O M-53 wagon-top would meet similar criteria. I do hope a styrene
version will appear soon that has been hinted at for many years.

Bob Witt

P.S. I included the MDC/Roundhouse to be complete and as you state it is
not a scale model of a ribbed side at all.

Richard Hendrickson replied:

There are a few other such steam-era prototypes which, though
"signature" cars for a single railroad, would meet the same criteria
and thus would probably sell in large enough numbers to justify
tooling models, the most obvious example being the B&O wagon top box
cars, which are said to be coming (finally) in RTR styrene. Bear in
mind that many of the sales of such models are to people who are
attracted to them not because they are historically significant or
prototypically accurate but just because they're noticeably different.

to what Bob Witt wrote:

Richard and Charlie,

I will add, if it is absurd, then it seems remarkable that we have
styrene, models of the Milwaukee "ribbed-side" boxcars in multiple
variations from three new vendors in HO scale, plus the old
MDC/Roundhouse, and from Fox Valley Models in N scale.

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