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Larry King <ab8180@...>


At the risk of being further shot down by Mr. Rose, I would like to
elaborate on my UTLX concept. I am not talking about a complete kit for a
UTLX type car. Rather an UNDERFRAME made in such a way that it would be
possible to attach a tank supplied by the modeler and end up with a UTLX
car. The parts could be of the flat-kit variety,and would assume that some
filing and fitting be done by the modeler.The center sill would be such
that it could be cut to the length required,and assemblled to the
bolster/end platforms.If I understand my Cyc properly, the different sizes
of tank diameters were accomodated by UTLX by providing different sizes of
a casting that mounted on each end of the top of the bolster,and a
selection of these castings to fit the commonly used tanks(IM8k,10k, Tichy
10k,etc.)would be included.This sort of modular approach
seems to be how the prototype did it. so why not the modeler also? Another
thought: Intermountain, how about doing something like this, along with
your existing tanks, as a "premium" kit?
L.R. King

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