Re: reweigh data (was IC 40' box car decal)

Tim O'Connor

If you say so Richard, then I believe you. But since the dates
and symbols come in separate packages, and the symbols are simply
a jumble with no identification about which railroad uses which
(except for the PRR's distinctive style) I didn't really trust
them. Sunshine groups railroad specific stations + dates on the
same sheet. Looking at Champ's "Southern" railroads I couldn't find
any symbol for Inman Yard for example on the Southern, or others
that I could recognize. But I do appreciate Champ offering data
jumbles for 1955 through 1965.


At 5/30/2010 05:59 PM Sunday, you wrote:
On May 30, 2010, at 1:39 PM, Tim O'Connor wrote:

generic... I've used them because that's all I could find, but
besides the usual Champ issues, they are generic

At 5/30/2010 04:21 PM Sunday, you wrote:
What's wrong with the Champ reweight sets? HD-50-53 and HD-60-67
I'm not sure what you mean here, Tim, but the Champ reweigh data sets
were based on photographic evidence, as well as input from several
members of this list, and contained for most RRs (including the IC)
station symbols for several of the most common shops. I use them all
the time and think they're quite good.

Richard Hendrickson

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