Re: IC 40' box car decal

David Sieber

From photos I have, all pre-"Main Line of Mid-America" cars, plus most Main Line slogan cars with lines above and below the reporting mark and car number, indeed do have the Illinois Central road name, IC reporting mark, car number, and weight data centered on the second panel from the end. However, I also have an M. D. McCarter photo of brand new IC 29110 built 10-46 in the IC's Centralia IL carshops before the Main Line slogan, but with the road name, reporting mark and car number with lines above and below, and weight data, all centered on the third/middle panel of the left side. I find it interesting that Centralia used this more-common positioning in 1946 on at least one series of newly constructed '44 AAR standard boxcars, though I also have a photo of IC 18629 repainted McC 3-55 with all left-side stenciling still in the second panel (and with the Main Line slogan).
All photos I have of cars repainted in the late '50s-on (past your modeling year, I know) have all left-side markings centered in the third/middle panel.
I'm just noting an interesting exception to the rule if one desires to model several different IC transition-era boxcars.
Dave Sieber, Reno NV

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Coming soon - nearly complete:
I don't know if you've revised this or not since our correspondence earlier today, but the artwork in the link shows the data to the left of the door centered on the middle side panel. Photos and the IC stencil diagrams for these cars show the data was centered on the 2nd panel from the end.

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