Re: reweigh data (was IC 40' box car decal)

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If you say so Richard, then I believe you. But since the dates
and symbols come in separate packages, and the symbols are simply
a jumble with no identification about which railroad uses which
(except for the PRR's distinctive style) I didn't really trust
them. Sunshine groups railroad specific stations + dates on the
same sheet. Looking at Champ's "Southern" railroads I couldn't find
any symbol for Inman Yard for example on the Southern, or others
that I could recognize. But I do appreciate Champ offering data
jumbles for 1955 through 1965.


It would seem that the simple solution would be to look the symbols up here:

I might also point out that there is no reason why a car should get it's periodic re-weigh on the home road; many did, but many did not.


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