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Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Dennis Storzek writes:

"Oil was routinely sprayed on track during the steam era to kill vegetation, which in itself was a greater fire hazard than the small amount of oil."

Perhaps so. And, I have personally observed 3985 setting fires near SLC and photos exist of similar fires in Wyoming during steam days. However, such fires were more of an annoyance than anything...given the lack of significant vegatation. Moreover, the only location on the UP in the '50's that I have found black colored ballast is on Sherman Hill. See the video Steam Over Sherman. The ballast used by UP came from ballast mines near Granite and Buford and it was a reddish brown color...not unlike the general appearance of the landcape. Vegetation did, obviously, grow in the region but not to the extent that one might find in other areas. I might add that UP was very sensitive to passenger satisfaction during the period. For a very short period of time UP placed helpers on the rear of streamliners west of Cheyenne. Passengers apparently complained so UP moved them up to front again.

Mike Brock

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