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O. F. Jordan Company made a self-propelled oil spray car that was used by several railroads, notably the Illinois Central. It looked like a large enclosed speeder and towed one or two tank trailers containing an asphaltic oil. Automatic feelers turned the sprayers on and off when a joint was felt.

Southern Railway had several full-sized flatcars equipped to spray oil. They were stored at Charlotte, NC, after the old refrigerator cars went out of use.

National Aluminate (NALCO) had at least six spray cars that sprayed a special protective chemical called "Nalcote" on rails and joints. Only a few railroads opted for this treatment. One drawback was that the section gangs had to carry small quantities of the stuff to repair the coating at any place where it was disturbed in the course of their maintenance work.

John C. La Rue. Jr.
Bonita Springs, FL

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I said:
Oil was also sprayed on the rails to reduce corrosion from the salt
brine dripping from passing ice reefers. Oil spray cars vanished at
same time as ice reefers on many railroads.
Bob Witt replied:
I don't believe I have ever seen an "oil spray car".
Weed sprayers, but not oil sprayers; does any one have a photo to


PRR #497700, page 422, Pennsy Power 3. The caption notes that the PRR
"was one of the few railroads that did it [spay oil] mechanically."

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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