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Guy Wilber wrote:
Reporting Marks were to be 9" figures and car numbers 7" as first adopted by the MCBA in 1916 as "Standard" practice.

The ARA's 1926 revisions of the "Standards" (as per note 1) specified that 7" letters could be used for reporting marks in lieu of 9" letters.
Thank you, Guy. Specifics always appreciated. But this is yet another case where "standard" requirements were obviously ignored by a number of railroads, since one can find a number of instances of larger lettering used for reporting marks than 9", and even after the 1959 "standardization," several railroads used the size they liked.
Still, it's good to be sure of what was "expected," even with exceptions. I know the SP continued for many years to use the 7" lettering for both initials and numbers for flat cars and tank cars--
it's right there in their lettering diagrams.

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