standard framing sizes for house car construction?

D. Scott Chatfield

A friend wants to scratchbuild a model of LOP&G 601, a 40-foot boxcar that smells to me like it could a former Southern Rwy box. Not that I'm an expert on those, mind you. He sent me a copy of a picture, but I don't know the source or if it can be shared. It shows a wood-bodied, double-sheathed box on a steel fishbelly underframe.

Anyhow, it looks like the sides are made of 1x4 tongue & groove, but his question is were there standard lumber sizes to build the interior framing of wood boxcars? Assuming this car is in the ORER, I might be able to extrapolate the wall thickness from the difference between IW and EW or EXW. However, it might not be in the ORER since shortline-owned boxcars in that day were often only used for on-line LCL service.

We've got an old OSL box on the farm out in Colorado, but I'm in Georgia and my tape measure isn't quite that long....

Scott Chatfield

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