Re: Terry Wegman PFE R-30-16 conversion sets

Ed Hawkins

On Jun 2, 2010, at 12:50 PM, JP Barger wrote:

There is one more change accurately pointed out by Ed Hawkins after a
at the flyer. That is the appearance of the colored UP shield on item
It needs to be modified to remove the word Railroad from the upper
field, and the white border on the shield needs to be removed, also.
two incorrect details (on the 1946 UP heralds) are featured later on
post 1951 black and white UP heralds. Again, there is plenty of time
to make
these changes.
Of course, the other way to correct the error is to simply change the
color of the UP medallion to black and white while retaining everything
else "as is" on the model. Better yet, for modelers interested in
either the late 1940s period or the post-1953 period (which the model
#47403 would represent without periods in the reporting marks), both
versions would be appreciated.
Ed Hawkins

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