Re: standard framing sizes for house car construction?

Todd Horton

Scott, do you have a photo of this car? Any idea how long it lasted and if it wss used in interchange service? Todd Horton

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A friend wants to scratchbuild a model of LOP&G 601, a 40-foot
boxcar that smells to me like it could a former Southern Rwy box.
Not that I'm an expert on those, mind you. He sent me a copy of a
picture, but I don't know the source or if it can be shared. It
shows a wood-bodied, double-sheathed box on a steel fishbelly
Scott, that's not an ex-Southern car; IIRC, all of the Southern XM
single door box cars built between WW I and the late 1920s were 36'
cars with truss rod underframes, and they were followed by double
door 40' composite cars with steel ends A more likely source would
have been the Atlantic Coast Line or Seaboard Air Line, since those
were railroads the LOP&G interchanged with. However, LOP&G 601 and
602 were 40'4" IL, according to 30s and 40s ORERs, with an unusually
low inside height of 8'3", and those dimensions don't match any cars
on the ACL or SAL rosters in that period.

Richard Hendrickson

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