Sunshine GATX Type 30 8k Tank Car

william darnaby

I have discovered, after getting well into the kits, that the two Type 30 tank cars I picked up from Martin at Naperville have 10k gallon tanks instead of 8k.  These kits feature Intermountain tank bodies and resin everything else.  Martin says they received a long awaited order from IM of tank bodies just in time to pack kits for Naperville but not noticing that they were 10k instead of the requested 8k.  Since realizing the mistake at the end of last year, Martin has been attempting to get the correct 8k tanks out of IM but with no sucess.  IM did manage to ship 8k bottom halves and 10k top halves but that did not help things much.  Martin expects to get this sorted out in the next few weeks.
Anyway, Martin has no idea who has these kits so if you have purchased any check out the tank in your kit and compare it to the diagram in the kit that gives the tank diameter for both sizes.  The real tipoff, which is how I noticed it, is that the resin dome almost fits the 10k IM tank without modification to the opening.  If you have the wrong tank just drop Martin a line and it will be replaced.
BTW, I am not doing this on Martin's behalf.  I just thought you guys would like to know.
Bill Darnaby

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