1916 Car Builders Dictionary [was] standard framing sizes

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It will help to identify the original owner of the car and also the built
date. The construction for double-sheathed house car with steel
fishbelly underframes typically was wood framed. As Dennis suggested find
the appropriate Car Builders' Dictionary for that period.
Well, as luck would have it, the 1916 Car Builders Dictionary is available on the web; someone just posted this link on the P:48 modeling list: (Yes Virginia, there is freightcar modeling in scales other than HO)


This doesn't answer the question of exactly what car this was, but 1916 is the perfect year to find comparable cars; the USRA double sheathed cars of a few years later were the bitter end of wood body framing as far as boxcars were concerned, and had steel ends. The examples in the 1916 book are more typical.

This is the first time I've had access to the 1916 edition; 1906 has been reprinted years ago in its entirety by Gregg, but is now rare, 1912 and 1919 were excerpted in the TSC series, and the 1922 is now available on CD from Rail Driver. Having the full 1916 available nicely fills the need to be able to view products and detail that were common between 1906 and 1922.

Plus, it's free :-)


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