Re: DL&W wood auto boxcars


In TS CYC 75 (reprinted from the '43 CBC), p 425, is a photo of DL&W 12394. It's a "before" picture in an article about rebuilding with steel sides.

In Kaminski's Magor book, p 80, are two builder's photos of DL&W 12929 from series 12800-12999, built 7/24.

Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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I'm looking for info and pictures about the wood door and a half auto boxcars of the DL&W in series 12000 to 12999, built in the mid 1920's. They look like USRA double sheathed boxcars with a little extra height and 2 doors in a 10' opening.
I have a few dimensions from ORERs and a small hand full of pictures from Taber's Lackawanna series and the RPI website. Could use a few more photos and maybe a car diagram. These cars were gone by the end of WWII, since they aren't in my earliest car diagram book from 1947.

Ken O'Brien

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