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Paul Lyons


IM has been doing these R-30-18, 19, and 21 PFE reefers for the 5, or 6 years, and has "blown" the correct paint on almost all of them. I see no reason why they would correct this run, since they sell them out in a hurry, right, or wrong!

Paul Lyons

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These cars have been discussed over the past few weeks on the list but I
have a few more questions. I model 1957 so I am interested in cars with both
B&W heralds.
Stock # 47403 R-30-18 This car shows all orange hardware and no stripes
above and below the reporting marks. Per the painting and lettering
information in the PFE book this happened in 1951 and 19532 respectively.
The resolution isn't good enough to see if the periods are there or not.
However, it appears the UP medallion is red, white, and Blue. It should be
all black shouldn't it? Hopefully, IM will address this issue. Ed Hawkins
noted this also but I didn't see a reply to his email.

And I know these aren't out yet but does anyone think IM will do the -21 and
-19 in the later 50's schemes?

Brian J. Carlson, P.E.
Cheektowaga NY

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