Re: IM upcoming PFE Reefers

Andy Carlson

I have been a dealer with Intermountain for over 10 years, and I have enjoyed purchases from their "Inventory Reduction sales" which allows me passing bargains onto fellow modelers. I have seen many boxcars, tank cars, flats and reefers, including Tichy stuff, come up specially priced, but NEVER have I seen any of Terry's wood side reefers get clearanced. Frank has admitted that they sell-out, but he seems to be always reluctant to rerun them. This run came about because of Terry's persistence. Frank makes the claim that the Chinese factory complains about assembling the flat kits, though I think he may be exaggerating a bit, for I have found the fit of Terry's refrigerator car parts to be nice and precise.
-Andy Carlson

Paul said:

IM has been doing these R-30-18, 19, and 21 PFE reefers for the 5, or 6 years, and has "blown" the correct paint on almost all of them. I see no reason why they would correct this run, since they sell them out in a hurry, right, or wrong!

Paul Lyons

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