Re: decal finishing help

Jack Burgess <jack@...>

<An equally effective alternative to lacquer thinner but less stinky and
<benign to humans and airbrush seals is Windex or another ammonia
<glass cleaner. (It will work for any acrylic paint.) I have two cleaner
<bottles at my painting station; one with Windex and one with tap water.
<Alternating the two a couple of times through the brush and color cup
<it all out.
<You ought to try one of the acrylic flat clears, such as PollyScale's or
<Tamiya's. You mentioned throwing away the Future if it ages and gets
<yellow, yet we use Dullcoat that's already yellow/brown on the hobby
<shelf !!

I should have mentioned that I clean out the air brush with lacquer thinner
since I use Floquil enamels exclusively for painting and thus am concerned
about water being left in the air brush. The suggestion for not using Future
after it gets yellow came from Finescale Modeler...


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