Re: decal finishing help

Mike Brock <brockm@...>

Matt Forsyth writes:

In the past, I have attempted to place images in a folder in the photo section, but since all have to be approved, and none ever have (still waiting), I'd be more than happy to send you a few pics off line of some completed models.
The only photos that you have attempted to place in the photo section that I am aware of are shots of a D&H hopper. You should have been sent a message regarding copyright ownership of those photos. I do not, however, find such message, so I'll ask now. Do you own copyright to them or are they in the public domain? If you own copyright or if they are in the public domain, they will, of course, be approved.

I will further note that Yahoogroups does not always notify me when a photo has been up loaded and is pending approval. It might be a good idea to let me and/or Jeff Aley know that you have uploaded a photo. I note that photos uploaded by Steve Lucas on June 1 have not generated a message to me from Yahoogroups. Be aware that only photos for which copyright is owned by the member or is known to be in the public domain will be approved by the STMFC.

Mike Brock

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