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January 1965 ORER

MI 6150 to 6199 = unknown *

MP 3900 to 3949 = 50

* for some reason, the Jan 1965 ORER CD that I bought from Westerfield does not include MI, StLB&M, IGN or NOT&M freight car rosters.

July 1969 ORER

MI 6150 to 6199 = 35

MP 3900 to 3949 = 18

- Steve Hedlund, Everett, WA

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Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2010 22:14:37 +0000
Subject: [STMFC] ORER research needed

MP purchased 100 LNE PS-2 covered hoppers in 1960 assigning MP 3900-3949 and M-I 6150-6199. We are having a hard time finding a picture of any in these numbers, only ones renumbered in the 700xxx series. I find a lone entry in the 4 digit numbers listed in my '74 ORER. Does anyone have a mid 60s ORER that can confirm listings in the 4 digit numbers?

thanks in advance
Jerry Glow

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