Re: BLI NYC all-steel box cars

Tim O'Connor

As Brian said you can find the discussion from last month... I'll just
say that my experience with BLI models is that they are good quality.
I have a GACX express reefer and some H2a hoppers. The reefer is very
well done. The question I have: are there decals/dry transfers out there
to letter these cars correctly for NYC?

Tim O'Connor

Broadway Limited has announced NYC steel boxcars. Would anyone care to comment on their accuracy judging from the available advertising material?

It appears these cars are intended to represent the NYC's 102500-106999, 107000-111999 and 121000-121999 number series as well as possibly other series. Will these be correct or close for these series? What about other series?

The paint schemes are identified as pre- and post-1955. Are the "pre-1955" correct for 1950 and earlier?

Here is a link:

Gene Green

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