Re: BLI NYC all-steel box cars

Tim O'Connor

Thanks Tom, but I should have been more specific -- I meant
decals for the mid to late 1950's. After a search through my
catalogs and decals I've found nothing appropriate to model
this car or cars like it:

CDS and Mark Vaughan did sets for this style of repaint but
only for postwar AAR (CDS) and prewar AAR (MV) -- so the data
are in the correct style but are not for the much smaller
spec 486 cars. And of course Ted is not interested in the
later 50's (although he did a nice set for SP repaints).

So it's factory paint for me! (Not my preference.)

Tim O'Connor

At 6/8/2010 01:08 AM Tuesday, you wrote:
Tim O'Connor asked:

The question I have: are there decals/dry transfers out there
to letter these cars correctly for NYC?

Tom Madden

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