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After WW2 the Auto Industry jobbed out a lot of the Station Wagon bodies to small contractors who had built auto-type assemblies for the war efforts.  Ionia Mfg (Ionia, Michigan) produced extended Jeep bodies, truck box sub-assemblies with seats and canvass, etc.  They then produced Buick Stn Wagon bodies that were shipped on their body trucks to Buick City in Flint, Michigan, to be dropped on running frame assemblies to then have the bolt-on front end sheet metal and bumpers added.  I believe they produced other GM "Woody" Stn Wagon bodies also.  Fisher Body Chevy produced their own wagon bodies.

Great shot!  Does anyone recognize the body style?

Al Kresse

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A loaded Nickel Plate 50' auto box car -- notice the cars do
not have their wheels mounted!

Tim O'Connor

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