Re: DL&W wood auto boxcars

Ken O'Brien


Thanks for all the info, so far. I did find my copy of the Magor book and copies of the Mainline Modeler drawings of the 40T USRA box.
I also found an article in the January 2010 RMC on kitbashing a NYC USRA-design door and a half boxcar by J.M. Johnson.

Ken O'Brien

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I have an original Magor drawing of the underframe arrangement for the DL&W 12800-12999 cars. It is almost an exact copy of the USRA 40-ton box car underframe.

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

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I'm looking for info and pictures about the wood door and a half auto boxcars of the DL&W in series 12000 to 12999...
Ken O'Brien

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