Re: Liquid chloride Tankcar help

Bryan Busséy


If an HO model already exists at a reasonable cost, that along with
prototype photos might be a viable alternative to scale drawings since
you are scratchbuilding the N scale tank in any event.


On 6/8/2010 2:41 PM, schmuck804_99 wrote:

I model in N scale this car will be a kitbash with a new tank for me...


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Had you already passed on the Trix car? It is about 6k, like that
one, and
is also an insulated car with valve casing instead of dome.
Admittedly, some
work to bring up to standard.

Elden Gatwood

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Chris and friends,

Can't help with the tank car (neat, though!), but note the NP boxcar
to the
right. Can't have a freight train without an NP box in the first ten

Kind regards,

Garth Groff

schmuck804_99 wrote:
I am looking for information to model this tiny tankcar:
54 I got DIAMOND ALKALI COMPANY Painesville, OH D.A.X.
The tank dia. looks small, I guess it to be around 63" from the photo.

Can you guys help, drawings would be a big plus!


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