Re: BLI NYC all-steel box cars

Richard Hendrickson

On Jun 7, 2010, at 8:29 PM, Gene wrote:

Broadway Limited has announced NYC steel boxcars. Would anyone
care to comment on their accuracy judging from the available
advertising material?

It appears these cars are intended to represent the NYC's
102500-106999, 107000-111999 and 121000-121999 number series as
well as possibly other series. Will these be correct or close for
these series? What about other series?

The paint schemes are identified as pre- and post-1955. Are the
"pre-1955" correct for 1950 and earlier?
Gene, having worked with BLI on the development of these cars, I can
say that the models are accurate for the post-WW-II period, after NYC
equipped all of them with new rectangular panel roofs in place of
their original Murphy steel roofs. BLI chose not to model the patch
panels that were applied to most of these cars in later years for the
simple reason that the extant photos show hardly any two cars with
patch panels alike. As noted by others on the list, those who insist
on having patch panels can add them relatively easily. With regard
to lettering, the pre-1955 models have correct lettering for the
period from the early 1940s, when NYC stopped painting the herald
backgrounds black, until the adoption of the extended Gothic
lettering in mid-1955. And, of course, many cars with the earlier
lettering style kept it for years after 1955 until they were repainted.

Richard Hendrickson

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