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Clark Propst

Gee Richard, I don't know whether to say thanks or not : )

Like a friend of mine says: "The more you know, the less you can model."

Clark Propst

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Just read through this thread. I have a Westerfield model. I model
the first week of May 1954. Should I replace the roof with a d/p
type? I have Intermountain spares.
Clark, in 1954 virtually all of the NYC box cars had their original
roofs replaced. Most of the replacement roofs were Murphy
rectangular panel, but a small number (on cars re-roofed in 1948 and
later) got diagonal panel roofs. In both cases, however, the new
roofs were applied to channel section eaves, not Z-section eaves, so
they had a shallow overhanging riveted lip at the edge. The
Intermountain roofs do not replicate this feature. No doubt it's
possible to kitbash a Westerfield model to accurately represent a ca.
1954 prototype car, but it certainly wouldn't be easy.

Richard Hendrickson

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