Re: BLI NYC all-steel box cars

Clark Propst

After thinking about this for awhile I think I'd rather have the right roof rather than the roof be right. If I were to use, say a Red Caboose rectangular panel roof. I would need to add a rivet line along the edge. Did this roof set flush with the side walls or more inward like normal?
Thanks for anymore help!
Clark Propst

Clark, in 1954 virtually all of the NYC box cars had their original
roofs replaced. Most of the replacement roofs were Murphy
rectangular panel, but a small number (on cars re-roofed in 1948 and
later) got diagonal panel roofs. In both cases, however, the new
roofs were applied to channel section eaves, not Z-section eaves, so
they had a shallow overhanging riveted lip at the edge. The
Intermountain roofs do not replicate this feature. No doubt it's
possible to kitbash a Westerfield model to accurately represent a ca.
1954 prototype car, but it certainly wouldn't be easy.

Richard Hendrickson

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