Re: PATCHING, and fine scale chain

Richard White

Steam era freight car discussion group. The time period covered will be from 1900-1960.On Fri, Jun 11 2010 at 4.52 am, Ken Montero wrote:


Have you examined the Central Valley bridge kit for a 150 foot Pratt Truss pin-connected single track bridge? Central Valley makes both an HO and N scale kit for this bridge. Here is a link to its website:

The HO kit has been around for a while. The N scale kit is new."

I built the Central Valley 150 foot Pratt Truss bridge a few years ago. It makes up into a very nice model and isn't difficult although you do need to do a bit more than shake the box. I recommend it.

It looks great with a ten-wheeler and a brace of cars on it.

Richard White

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