Re: New MTH HO scale freight cars

Bruce Smith

Frederick Freitas <prrinvt@...> 06/11/10 7:51 PM >>>
Jim, Eric, & list
The photos do nothing for the models shown. The statement Jim H.
refers to is a bit worrisome.
Why they always make what has been done 3 times over never ceases to
amaze me. Is there no critical thinking
at some of these manufacuter's offices?

Urban legend has it that a certain burger chain, rather than doing
extensive market research, would simply located at the same intersection
as the golden arches, figuring that the other company had done the
research so why bother to do it again? <G> Sound familiar? (BTW, they
were pretty successful at it too)

WRT the R-30-2, that car is the Tichy car and has been done RTR by IM,
so its not a new car.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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