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Fred Freitas wrote:
R-T-R makes me even more wary that it will be 'blue box' in a new box and color. The only thing I saw in the catalog that I considered good was on the last couple pages; the R40-X? PFE cars. Until Mr. Thompson passes them as accurate, I won't touch them. Why? Two reasons, Not sure if the paint & lettering is correct; and the 6 pack is not the most affordable.
There was indeed a PFE Class R-40-2 (and you can build quite a nice model of it with the Tichy kit). The MTH announcement seems to show wood sides and ends, 6-hinge doors, grab-iron rows in the ladder location and . . . that's about all I can see in the images. Of course ALL the private owner schemes shown are bogus in one or more ways. The PFE cars LOOK basically right--I can't read the car numbers--and they have black roofs with red ice hatch platforms, a 1930s feature which didn't much survive the start of WW II. The UP "Overland" emblem is one discontinued in 1942 and had become rare by 1950. The center sill looks too deep to me, but of course it's pretty hard to judge with these images.
But for 29.95?? Like the rest of this "new" line of cars, it's totally repetitious and as far as I can tell, a waste of time. Whenever someone on the list gets a look at an actual car from this line, I'll be interested to read their evaluation.

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