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Hi, Tim. A little over a year ago, I emailed Athearn regarding upgrading the A.R.A. 4-bay similar to the MDC upgrades. There was no response. Finally, I caught up with the product engineer (can't remember his name or "official" title) of Athearn at the Springfield, Mass. January show, and I asked the same question. He said the molds were nearly worn out for that car, there was little demand for it, and redoing the tooling would be too expensive. He then said that they 'absolutely' would not be upgrading the car. I think that means they have no plans for upgrading the car. I'd like to see one of the MTH cars up close to see whether or not its worth the price.
Norm Larkin

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Bob Witt wrote

The [MTH] ARA 70-ton quad hoppers do appear to have door locks and the
ladders appear to [be] very thin or separately attached parts. This model
may be a useful addition.
I don't know why Athearn has upgraded a number of the old MDC open hoppers
with wire grabs and other improvements and NONE of their own cars - yet -
but I figure they could always do it very quickly if they wanted to. So
barring someone coming out with a Kadee quality ARA 4-bay, I'll just wait
patiently to see if Athearn ever does one. If not, well, it's not like I
don't have scores of other projects in the queue...

Tim O'Connor


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