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Dean Payne

What year were these cars built? And, are there any decals available for Diamond Alkali (DAX)?

Dean Payne

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They're both small tank cars, so the dimensions are somewhat similar; in addition to the differences you mention and the tank mounts, the DAX car is pressurized and insulated so the tank has a jacket. In Kaminski's tank car book, p 227, are general arrangement drawings (with dimensions) of AC&F insulated Type 27 cars from 2600 to 10,000 gallons.

The HO scale Trix model mentioned in this thread is of a 6,000-gallon insulated car; Richard Hendrickson discusses prototypes in Railmodel Journal 9/04, pp 49-53. The cars shown were all built by AC&F, and all the pictures but one show 6,000-gallon cars, which to me look fatter than the DAX car. The exception is SPX 8010, a 4,000-gallon car, so I suspect that's what DAX 212(?) may be.

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-- Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Thank you. This info "sounds right" to me from my guess.

So this tank would be similar to the SHPX 4000gal car in the June 94 MR, but longer and a different dome?

Thanks for your help!

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Well, the car has a pressure bonnet not a dome. The 1/53 ORER shows 81 tank cars, AAR type TPI, ICC classes 105A300 (66 cars) and 105A300W (15 cars), 30 and 40 tons, in eleven groups between DAX 200-299. All but four cars are said to be marked "Chlorine Gas Tank Car". I could convince myself this car's number is 212, one of three 40-ton cars in series 211-213. The capacity looks to be maybe 5000 gallons, which IIRC is a typical size for a steam-era chlorine tank; the tank mounts differ from those on the other tank car shown, and suggest to me this car may have been built by General American or Standard Tank. (See pictures in Ted Culotta's tank car book.)

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-- Al Brown, Melbourne, Fla.

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Chris and friends,

Can't help with the tank car (neat, though!), but note the NP boxcar to
the right. Can't have a freight train without an NP box in the first ten

Kind regards,

Garth Groff

schmuck804_99 wrote:
I am looking for information to model this tiny tankcar:
The tank dia. looks small, I guess it to be around 63" from the photo.

Can you guys help, drawings would be a big plus!


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