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Tim O'Connor

Elden, Metro had custom decals done by CUSTOM TRAXX and printed
by RAIL GRAPHICS for the brass chlorine cars -- I have a JPEG of
the decal sheet. Evidently they were only included with some cars
and there are no more available from the vendor or the printer.
They only covered a few of the many roadnames that could apply
to the cars -- PSMX/HOKX/EGBX/ACFX/CACX. Others include SHPX/SPX/

Tim O'Connor

At 6/15/2010 06:44 AM Tuesday, you wrote:

I also have the HO brass model imported by MTS, and no, I have also never
been able to find any source for decals, although someone I know got a
pre-lettered version of the car. It is a more important prototype than most
believe, as water treatment plants were all over the place, and they used the
canisters to transport chlorine around their facilities, as an alternative to
having a large holding tank on-site. I think GenAm and AC&F both made the
106 cars.

Elden Gatwood

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Diamond Alkali also owned chlorine cannister flat cars like the model
imported by Metro (and claimed to be available from Train Cat as well
although the web site photos appear to be the Metro model). I've checked my
lists and I can't find any decals ever made for Diamond Alkali. There is a
Soph Marty shot of GATX 32991 for caustic soda, taken in 1956 -- black with a
red & white herald. The car is similar to the Overland 3270, and Richard and
I discussed the decal problem for this car back in 2003.

Decals (lack of) for tank cars is a real problem!

Tim O'Connor

What year were these cars built? And, are there any decals available
for Diamond Alkali (DAX)?
Several photos I have show built dates from 1929 through the early
1930s. No decals, AFAIK.

Richard Hendrickson

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