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Over the years I have accumulated quite a collection of wood freight car kits. My question is this: What is the best method for sealing the wood?

Depends if you want the wood to look like metal or wood and also the roughness of the wood.

I found that when I did many coats with steel wool inbetween that little pieces of the steel wool end up in the scribing.

The sanding sealer Scalecoat sells is OK but I used to use Ambroid cement diluted with MEK. I soaked strip wood in this mixture in a test tube.

Yes, it can be air brushed.

I uused fine grit sandpaper and would sandpaper before and after I applied the sealer solution, depending on the roughness of the wood.

You will find that when spraying the sealer will go into wood like water goes into a sponge in the beginning.

If you only coat one side of scribed wood you will find that it will curl up.

I had the side of a Q'Craft X23 box car curl up when I applied decal setting solution to an unsealed car. I've seen many built up, unsealed cars with gaps in the sides at shows.

I substituted styrene and brass shim stock for various wood parts.


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