Re: Excuses for getting more covered (cement) hoppers?

Gatwood, Elden J SAD

The PRR generated a lot of sand used in both glass-making and foundry
industries, that was not found in many other locations in the country. There
were also many additives used in the steel industry that traveled in covered
hoppers. I used to see a lot of B&O covered hoppers around the mills that
carried powdered dolomite, for one.

Elden Gatwood

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A huge amount of rock salt for use on icy highway was sent in old PS-2
covered hoppers in upstate NY every fall. Most of this originated on the
Genesee & Wyoming which served a huge sale mine at Retsof.

The G&W seemd to get "basket case" hoppers from all over the country to meet
this traffic every fall. I recall cars from MILW and other midwest roads.
Seems as though hauling rock salt was the last use before the scrap line! The
G&W had their own cars for hauling salt for the food and chemical industry.

Chuck Y
Boulder CO

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Kadee (and now IM), on occasion, paints their PS2 covered hoppers in schemes
that are far away from my modeling geographical area of interest but yet
charm me with their paint and graphics. While I think I can justify running
GN and NP versions of these cars, I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for
"excusing" the running of such cars lettered for B&M, New Haven, PRR, Santa
Fe, and other such far-away railroads.

I have the impression that cement is rarely, if ever, transported for
thousands of miles. If this is so, perhaps there might be other substances
that would be transported in these cars for such distances.

Any assistance gratefully received,


Edward Sutorik

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