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I bought one of those cars, in the early 90s I think, and it sat in the box until two years ago when I painted it. Now I think it's ready for decaling, and I have a photo of it on my stack of reference material.

What part of the lettering on these cars can't come from a tank car set? Bearing in mind, the car I'm doing is a GATX.

Source of the chlorine was Frontier Chemical, later Vulcan Materials, on the MoPac Conway Springs branch.

At least, in the intervening years, nicer decals and nicer couplers have appeared. And, I've consumed all the wine that's that old....

Ron Merrick

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Elden, Metro had custom decals done by CUSTOM TRAXX and printed
by RAIL GRAPHICS for the brass chlorine cars -- I have a JPEG of
the decal sheet. Evidently they were only included with some cars
and there are no more available from the vendor or the printer.
They only covered a few of the many roadnames that could apply
to the cars -- PSMX/HOKX/EGBX/ACFX/CACX. Others include SHPX/SPX/

Tim O'Connor

At 6/15/2010 06:44 AM Tuesday, you wrote:

I also have the HO brass model imported by MTS, and no, I have also never
been able to find any source for decals, <snip>

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