Charles Hladik

Bill may have been using A-West's "Blacken it". For what ever reason,
it does not always give complete "coverage".
Chuck Hladik

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I used Hobby Black many years ago and dont recall any chipping or flaking.
I worked in a factory that used a similar chemical coloring process
referred to as "Black Oxide" finish. This chemically etches the the surfaces and
adheres to the metal. I am wondering if the chipping you refer too may
actually be a spot where the metal surfacre may not have been 100% clean and
the process didn't make the bond.

Other than that I dont have much else to offer. The oxidation should adere
and bond with the metal and its not like a paint coating.

Robert Federle

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Many modelers have recommended using a chemical blackener on hand
grabs prior to installing and painting.
Therefore you would not have a bright spot later should some of the
paint chip off. I just tried this product on
some brass number board frames. The product claims that it does not
chip or rub off. Not true in my case. I cleaned
down to bare brass and tries again with the same result. I recall
when this product first came out they claimed
that engines were being "painted" with this. Has anyone had any

Thanks in advance:

Bill Pardie

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