Sunshine NYC 1 1/2 door box- was Re: NYC freight car lettering

In Morning Sun's "Nickel Plate Color Photography of Willis A. McCaleb Vol. 1", page 116, is a photo with what appears to be Sunshine's NYC 1-1/2 door reblt. steel box car. It has Youngstown doors, 7 grab irons for the ladder, obvious seam for the extended height and ROMAN lettering--I think. Herald without black background is on the right hand side. Can't see the style of roof. Photo, dated 1956, is too fuzzy to make out car number.

Does this maybe validate Sunshine's kit #93.1, Youngstown doors with Roman lettering?

Brian Leppert
Carson City, NV

--- In STMFC@..., "william darnaby" <WDarnaby@...> wrote:

First, I am not an NYC expert and do not play one at prototype meets. I
only know what I was
told by the guy who made the masters. During research for the project they
could not find any photos of cars with Youngstown doors with Roman lettering
and, therefore, the safe conclusion he reached is that the door replacement
occured during the 1955 rebuilding by which time Gothic was standard. He
was standing behind me as I purchased my kit at Naperville and advised me
that the Gothic lettering was the only safe bet.

Sunshine went to the usual NYC sources for reference and found that the
rebuilding data and lot numbers was even more convoluted and inconclusive
than typical. If anyone has a photo of a Youngstown door car and Roman
lettering please stand up and give us the car number and reweigh date.

FWIW, work is being done on masters for the increased height rebuilds with
the original roofs and panel doors which will be certainly correct for Roman


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