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I found something that I have never seen before, a "Commercial Inland Railway" box car. Its at this link:

I have no idea where this railway is and I'm hoping some of you might shed some light on this. Thanks.

- Steve Hedlund, Everett, WA

You've found a great example of the Dr. P. H. Martin school of photo retouching :-)

If you click on the "View larger image" then right click the image, you should open a version that you can zoom in on. It's a Great Northern car, as evidenced by the Great Northern Railway equipment trust lettering on the upper left corner of the car side; just to the left on the car end you can see the brush stroke that obliterated the end reporting mark. The fanciful lettering scheme was an attempt to cover the rest of the GN markings with something relatively believable, kind of like the AAR's East & West R.R. This sort of thing was done from time to time when a company wanted to use a photo in an ad and didn't want to appear to show favoritism to one railroad over another, although the more usual way to do this was to simply airbrush the identifying marks out on the print.


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