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The sanding sealer Scalecoat sells is OK but I used to use Ambroid cement diluted with MEK. I soaked strip wood in this mixture in a test tube.

Yes, it can be air brushed.

I uused fine grit sandpaper and would sandpaper before and after I applied the sealer solution, depending on the roughness of the wood.

You will find that when spraying the sealer will go into wood like water goes into a sponge in the beginning.

If you only coat one side of scribed wood you will find that it will curl up.

I had the side of a Q'Craft X23 box car curl up when I applied decal setting solution to an unsealed car. I've seen many built up, unsealed cars with gaps in the sides at shows.

I substituted styrene and brass shim stock for various wood parts.

Anytime a genuine wood, as opposed to say wood chip and resin, product is used for anything it is extremely important to seal ALL surfaces of it. The wood will not be stabilized unless this is done as the non-sealed side can still absorb moisture and expand, a more common occurrence than shrinking. Shrinking is more likely to occur when wood is not sealed and dries to a degree greater than when put in place for whatever it was being used. These factore are true whether constructing one of the older "craftsman" type kits, installing new clapboards on your home (in which case you will double their life by treating all surfaces rather than only those that are exposed to the weather, or building a fine piece of furniture. I saw good examples of what happens when wood is not sealed properly, and quarter-sawn material was not available, when working in a cabinet shop making instrument cases as a part-time job when in high school. Quarter-sawn wood was prefered as it is less likely to have such tendencies. When unavailable or too expensive for what was being undertaken, however, paying strict attention to sealing everything that could be sealed usually allowed the use of a lesser grade of wood.

Cordially, Don Valentine

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