Re: I want to get some 8000 gal tank cars .What is the best one ?

Bruce Smith

On Jun 18, 2010, at 7:04 AM, dakkinder wrote:

The Proto 2000 or the Intermountain any help would be appreciated.
Dear "dakkinder",

First, please sign your email with your real name - that is a requirement of STMFC

Second, please define "best" and provide the operational scenario under which you wish to use these cars (year, location, etc)

Third, as Brian has already responded, both of these cars represent AC&F built cars. The P2K cars are type 21s built from 1921 on to about 1927 while the IM cars are type 27, built from 1927 on. The P2K cars are a bit better detailed in that they accurately portray the side sills as an outward facing "[", as opposed to the IM cars which should have similar sills, but the model's are flat. The rest of these cars are very similar in terms of the level of detail.

If you are modeling a "fleet" of cars, depending on the time frame and customers served, you could use a number of AC&F cars, many likely in SHPX reporting marks (AC&F's tank car leasing arm). In that case, and if you are modeling post 1927, the majority of your cars should be the type 21 cars, with some type 27 cars. The longer- thinner type 27 cars help break the monotony. In addition, you say 8K gallon, but both were also offered in 10K gallon models as well. The combination of these, with other tank cars such as the the F&C type 11, Sunshine UTL X-3s and GATC type 30s, Speedwitch National tank cars and Southern Car and Foundry's Standard tank cars, as well as a number of brass cars, can be used to create a more typical fleet, with a wide variety of shapes, sizes, domes etc to give the characteristic steam era tank car mix.

Finally, tank cars are one of the favorite subjects of many on this list and thus the archives are replete with information as well. That is a great place to check out the accuracy of specific paint and lettering for a given date (as Brian indicated, P2k paint and lettering is accurate, but may not be appropriate for your period, IM depends on the car)


Bruce F. Smith
Auburn, AL

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