Re: Excuses for getting more covered (cement) hoppers?

Donald B. Valentine

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A huge amount of rock salt for use on icy highway was sent in old PS-2 covered hoppers in upstate NY every fall. Most of this originated on the Genesee & Wyoming which served a huge sale mine at Retsof.

The G&W seemd to get "basket case" hoppers from all over the country to meet this traffic every fall. I recall cars from MILW and other midwest roads.  Seems as though hauling rock salt was the last use before the scrap line! The G&W had their own cars for hauling salt for the food and chemical industry.

Chuck Y
Boulder CO

Hello Chuck,

Like you, I remember the salt traffic comong off the G&W quite well, particualrly into Claremont, NH and Middlesex, VT but when did this really get under way???? I do not recall seeing any of it until the VERY late 1960's or early 1970's, beyond the scope of this group.

Kindest regards and please say hello to our two mutual acquaintances in Boulder.

Don Valentine

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