Re: Reproducing Z-bars on single sheathed cars

Al and Patricia Westerfield <westerfield@...>

Ed - All of our SS box cars that have Z-bars have undercuts. In general the undercuts are 0.10", just enough to give the proper look. A scale Z-bar would have a cross section too thin to survive removal from the mold. - Al Westerfield

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Subject: [STMFC] Reproducing Z-bars on single sheathed cars

I believe it's practically impossible on an injection molded single sheathed boxcar to reproduce the undercut to model the Z-bars that were commonly used. But I'm wondering if this is also the case for cast resin models. Is anyone aware of resin-cast single sheathed cars where the undercutting to reproduce the Z-bars properly was done?


Edward Sutorik

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