Gould Railroad Standard Wooden Cabooses -


Hello, List;

I recently have been investigating the later Gould Railroads. Mullet River Models (MRM) has recently released a Western Pacific Caboose, that is stipulated to be a Gould Standard Wooden Caboose. A series of Google searches lends credence to the stipulation. Other Gould system railroads were the Missouri Pacific, the Wabash, the Denver & Rio Grande, the Western Pacific & subsidiary roads.

Visually, a photograph of Western Pacific 764 matches the MRM kit, photographs of Missouri Pacific 333 - 369 series cabooses in Michels "Cabooses of The Missouri Pacific Lines", and the drawings and pictures in the Car Builders Dictionaries of 1916 and 1919. Plans in Mainline Modeler Volume I Number 4 (Sept/Oct 1980) suggest other Gould lines acquired similar, if not identical, cabooses.

Both the Car Builders Dictionaries and the Michels book give AC&F in 1911, as the builder of record.

Can anyone provide additional information, such as build lot numbers or details on other operators?

TIA, Mike Carson

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